• Plastic pp corrugated road slow down yard sign

Plastic Pp Corrugated Road Slow Down Yard Sign

Shape: S, Square, Round, etc. Printing: UV printing, silk screen printing Packing: PE Flim, plastic pallets


Make Your Buzz Visible Slow Down Signs

We offer different sizes and shapes signs made from materials like coroplast, metal, plastic, aluminum, steel, and much more. We can also make signs custom signs for our customers upon order. They are inexpensive and the best way to show your expressions and feeling to the world in simple art and dialogue format. They are mostly used on the side of walkways, homes, yards, gardens, construction areas, and most commonly for school and pedestrian crossings. 

Sharper and Long Lasting Images

We manufactured our signboards in a way that their images never fade away even after years gone by. The images are sharper and easy to see and read from a long distance and made by creative artists to present eye-catching and attention-seeking images. Pictures or images are the best way to express to people what you are trying to say to them because not every person out there can understand the language that the native peoples speak, but they surely can understand what they meant just by looking at the image or picture.

Professional Way to Express Your Feelings  

Our bold and premium quality signboards will make your message look more elegant and eye appealing to the people because it will be made from the finest quality coroplast sheets or metal plates making them waterproof and fadeproof. Our signs are perfect for outdoor usage, and they can also be used to represent your business and brand. It can definitely improve traffic, pedestrian safety, and roadside accidents in your neighborhood or residential areas.  It is one of the best cost-effective ways to help the people and the world around you.

Materials Used

We have used one of the best quality materials for our signboards, including polypropylene Virgin extruded corrugated sheets, metal plates, coroplast sheets, plastic sheets, fiberglass sheets, and more demanding on the customer's demands and needs. It comes in the thickness of 5mm to 10mm and colour of your choice, which simply means there is no limit when it comes to colours we have all. It can be used for outdoor applications as well as indoor applications.

Further Item Details

Our signboards are easy to spot on from a distance, making them a great way to advertise and promote your brand without going off-budget. Order from us by clicking the inquire now button.

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Model Number:
Custom Size, 2-12mm