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Acrylic Rod

Material: PMMA, plexiglass, acrylic, polycarbonate, Color: clear, colorful, Dia: 2mm ~380mm, specific dia available upon request,   Application: lighting accessory, decoration, furniture, LED lighting bar etc.


Acrylic Rods & Tubes

The word acrylic is also known as plexiglass it is a tough flexible product. Acrylic rods and tubes are ten times stronger than normal glass and half the weight of the standard glass and used as an alternative to standard glass. Our lightweight acrylic rods can be used in multiple ways especially in the field of manufacturing high-quality tiles, windows, and other decorative items for your home and office.  

Wide Variety 

We provide our customers with a wide variety of premium quality acrylic rods with different resistance and tolerance strength demanding on the customer’s demand and needs. Our product includes a diameter that ranges from 0.065 to 2 inches. We also provide different colours for our products because many of our customers use these products for their DIY projects for their social media channels. Being ten stronger and cheaper than glass it is also used in giving a supportive edge for your aquarium tanks, crafts models, and much more. 

Standard length and Custom lengths Details

We deliver our products that have a length of 6 inches along with all types of colours but for customers who want different sizes and shapes, we have got them covered as well. We even have 6 feet height available for our customers only upon informing on the order. We also help our customers by cutting them into pieces or shapes just the way they like it and ordered it. The strongest acrylic rod we have is the machine grade acrylic rod that provides excellent strength and stiffness over wide ranges of temperatures like 250ºF to -20ºF and its features include Self-extinguishing, High impact strength, ease to join with solvents or adhesives, good electrical insulation, UV-stabilized and meets the requirements of ASTM D3935 PC0136, the light transmittance of approximately 88%, flammability in thicknesses above 3mm/6mm, and much more.


1. They remain stable even in the worst wide range of conditions

2. Their quality does not get affected by sunlight or fluorescent lights

3. They weighed half as much as normal glass and yet seventeen times stronger shock-resistant than normal glass

4. Acrylic rods and tubes are durable, shatter-resistant, and last a very long time  

Clear & Colored Acrylic Rods

The majority of the acrylic rod manufacturer produce acrylic rods and tubes in two basic versions clear extruded acrylic rod and clear and colored acrylic rod. Clear acrylic rod is also known as cast acrylic rod and they are of better quality than extruded acrylic.


Material: PMMA, plexiglass, acrylic, polycarbonate

Color: Clear,  custom color 

Diameter: 2mm ~380mm, specific diameter available upon request 

Application: Lighting accessory, decoration, furniture, LED lighting bar, Building, etc.

Length:  Customizable on request