• Corrugated plastic board

Corrugated Plastic Board


What Features Can Corrugate Plastic Boards Offer?

Coroplast is a special combination of tough, inexpensive, light, and flexible. It is very adaptable because of this combination and may be utilized in various projects and shows.

Durability - Before showing any signs of aging, coroplast board can resist a lot of harm from rain, the sun, or human handling. It is not, however, unbreakable, and it is not meant to be displayed indefinitely. It is also coroplast, which makes it resistant to harm from insects and rodents.

Affordability- Coroplast is the market's most affordable outdoor display material. Coroplast printing and cutting are simple, affordable processes that don't require specialist machinery.

Lightweight - Coroplast is simple to distribute, transport, and exhibit. There is no chance of the wall falling or anyone losing a toe should it do so.

Pliability- Coroplast is strong enough to lay flat on its own while remaining flexible enough to give you a wide range of alternatives. You can cut, bend, staple, or even punch holes in whatever you need to do for grommets!

Recyclable- You don't need to worry about the environment or its reusability since 100% recyclable Coroplast is constructed of polypropylene and can be recycled 100% of the time.