Looking for the best acrylic glass sheets? Wuxi Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd is the leading plastic acrylic sheet supplier engaged in offering great quality polished acrylic sheets. Commonly known as Lucite, Acrylite, and Perspex, Acrylic plastic is a lightweight and shatter-resistant thermoplastic, which is suitable for a wide range of applications. From furniture to display cases and privacy partitions, acrylic plastic sheets cater to numerous application requirements. Being the well-known acrylic glass sheet supplier in the global market we carry a huge array of variety, including various colours, thicknesses, performance levels, textures, so whether you need acrylic sheets for picture framing or anything else, Wuxi Brilliant has got you covered.

As the top exporters and creators of acrylic products, our quality and pricing are unmatched. We have an exclusive variety of acrylic glass products made only from the finest quality materials which you can order only from us. Our products are made to last in harsh weather conditions for a long period of time.


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Acrylic plastic is commonly used for products like signs, sales displays, lenses, roof windows, and screens. It is also the best sheet to use in place of glass for windows, doors, skylights, partitions, etc.

All Acrylic sheets can safely withstand heat up to the temperature of 176°F (80°C) before becoming more supple. This renders plenty of heat resistance for open-air environments.

Acrylic sheets are expensive because they are much robust and more durable than any other type of glass or plastic.

The acrylic plastic sheet is entirely transparent, flexible, and exhibits excellent resistance to breakage.

It is a simple clean and polish plastic that has a 92% rate of light transmits which mean it is more clear and amazing looking then any standard glass making it a special choice for home décor companies to take full advantage of its features. It plays an important part in modern day life in advertising, signage, printing, furniture, decoration, and much more. The most important feature that makes it acrylic glass sheets special is that they can easily be transformed into different shapes and sizes because the materials it is made from is moldable in nature.


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Features of Plastic Acrylic Sheets

• Acrylic sheets are incredibly durable in nature. It is impact-resistant and can be precision-cut to size.

• It can withstand extreme temperatures and has excellent weather resistance in contrast to the other materials.

• Under high temperature, it will not shatter or break.

• They are transparent and much easy to maintain.

• Plexiglass sheets are moisture-resistant and clearer than glass.

• They are also available with scratch-resistant properties.

• It is heat-formed; thus, it never loses optical clarity.

• It helps to save any object from harsh weather conditions.

• Last but not least, it's easy to bond and thermoform.

We Are The Remarkable Plastic Acrylic Sheet Supplier

Building and Construction: Being the amazing plastic acrylic sheet supplier we only use the best quality materials to construct our acrylic products. Today’s buildings require strong, durable, and cost-saving materials. Acrylic plastic sheets are the right choice for windows, wall partitions, lightening fixtures, instrument panels, cubicles, windshields, and mirrors. With so many thickness options and colors, we being the remarkable acrylic glass sheet supplier and construction professionals prefer using plexiglass sheets for our customer’s designs.

Commercial and Structural Glazing:  Our acrylic glass sheets are ideal for structural glazing, because of their immense strength. Using Plexiglas sheets, you can create storm-resistant windows, bullet-proof windows, durable skylights.

Convention displays, tradeshows, and exhibitions: A good tradeshow booth is the one that stands out from the rest. Since acrylic plexiglass sheets can be molded to your exact requirement, they can be used to create a durable and striking display.

Sports and Recreational Activities: Sporting equipment, watercraft manufacturing, and stadiums can reap the benefits of the versatility of acrylic sheets. Because of its impact resistance and anti-corrosive properties, it is an ideal choice for sporting venue windows, boat windshields, face masks, and eye protection.

Signage: Plexiglass sheets are customizable and prove to be the ideal material for digital signage. Due to its strength and heat resistance, it can withstand high temperatures during long operational hours.

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As the top-notch clear plastic acrylic sheet supplier in the industry, we believe in introducing the most innovative technology to meet your advanced demands. We have designed economical packages and offer competitive market prices on our clear cast sheets with a money-back guarantee because we are the best acrylic glass sheet supplier in the international market.