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Wuxi – Premier Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier 

Aluminum Composite Panels are the latest decorative flat material, made with two aluminum alloy sheets bonded to form a composite. Popularly known as the ACP or ACM, Aluminum Composite materials are colorful, durable, fire-resistant, economic, safe, and easy to process. ACP is often used for cladding or as facade material of buildings, insulation, and signage.

Wuxi Brilliant Co., Ltd, is a proud and professional aluminum composite panel supplier (ACM supplier). Our collection offers a wide selection of top-quality composite panels, which give stunning looks to your external walls and are also used in modern buildings' interiors. In addition to being recognized as one of the best ACP distributors, we specialize in providing a wide variety of alternative panels. 

Why Choose Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)?

• Easily installed and manufactured

• Lightweight, durable, and economic 

• Endless colors and pattern variety

• non-embossed surface

• High resistance against harsh outdoor weather condition 

• Corrosion resistant

• Excellent strength-to-weight ratio

• Eco friendly

Features of Composite Panel 


Aluminum Composite Panels are highly strong, durable, weather, corrosion, and stain-resistant, thanks to their composition of metal and plastic. They are strong enough to provide a sound barrier from the outside environment. Despite drastic weather changes, panels retain their original shape and size, making them ideal for regions with harsh weather. They are resistant to corrosion, stain, and impact, and allows the user to reap the benefits for years to come. They are being used in the aviation industry because of being light-weight and durable.


The aluminum composite panel is one of the most affordable materials available on the market. ACPs are extremely lightweight yet strong and rigid. With low initial cost, transportation cost, installation cost, and long-lasting durability, ACPs offer owners cost-savings from the get-go. They are also proven to offer first-class thermal comfort, providing additional savings in energy and gas expenses. Hassle-free maintenance of ACP’s makes them the most preferable and economic solution for many industries. They preserve the structure’s look and feel longer than any other product. To remove dirt and dust, they can simply be cleaned by wiping with a clean cloth.

A Safer Alternative

Aluminum Composite Panels are Fire retardant, Termite proof, and Water-resistant. Since Aluminum does not burn, it is a fireproof alternative. Aluminum Composite Panels are built to resist fire. It is fire retardant and can only be melted when exposed to temperatures higher than 650 degrees centigrade. Even when exposed to high temperatures, it does not emit harmful fumes and gases that could harm the inhabitants or the environment. If you want your structure to be safer for its inhabitants, Aluminum Composite Panels are the best option.

Visually Pleasing

Various construction materials limit the consumer to a select few color options, but that’s not the case with Aluminum Composite Panels. They are available in a variety of colors, you can also customize the exact color of your project image or structure. A building that has unique and pleasing exterior qualities is preferred by architects. ACPs can replicate any color, shades, textures, and hues to fulfill your aesthetics such as natural stone, wood, marble, metallic and non-metallic.

World-class aluminum composite panel supplier like us can offer many shapes and sizes, cut precisely to satisfy users’ needs. They are very flexible and are suitable for cutting, shearing, bending, punching, drilling, and profiling to allow more innovative designs for a more attractive façade.

Application Scope For ACP

Extending from beautiful architecture to gas stations and more, ACM has a vast scope of application, in different industries. As a top-ranked aluminum composite panel supplier, we work with different sorts of industries and figured out it is the most demanded product we offer. Why? The answer is not that complicated – it is the safer, faster, and easier construction material available when it comes to building fabrication. 

Architecture: ACM Panels are the perfect material for all those who aim to create one of the kind projects. Following its property of being incredibly malleable, it can be formed into all different shapes, required by the application.  Regardless of the scope of architectural projects, ACM is sure to be a great fit. 

Gas Stations: Today numerous gas stations, signage, and facades are being fabricated using ACM Panels across the globe due to their ease of use. If you are looking for the best and easiest way to create the perfect gas station, ACM Panels are a great option.

For Home Interiors: ACP sheets are the best and most popular material for home interior. From home kitchens to cabinets and false ceilings, they are the ideal aesthetic match for colorful needs. Aluminum panels also look great on their wardrobes. 

Cladding: The act of externally covering the building is known as cladding. Before ACP, paint was the only option, but now ACP sheets are used to give aesthetics to a building façade. They are a popular cladding choice because they are easy to install, pollution and corrosion-resistant, light in weight, fireproof, and easy to maintain.