Acrylic plastic is commonly used for products like signs, sales displays, lenses, roof windows, and screens. It is also the best sheet to use in place of glass for windows, doors, skylights, partitions, etc.

All Acrylic sheets can safely withstand heat up to the temperature of 176°F (80°C) before becoming more supple. This renders plenty of heat resistance for open-air environments.

Acrylic sheets are expensive because they are much robust and more durable than any other type of glass or plastic.

The acrylic plastic sheet is entirely transparent, flexible, and exhibits excellent resistance to breakage.

Acrylic plastic is completely waterproof. One can totally depend on it to keep the products completely dry.

Yes, even without heating, a polycarbonate sheet can be bent.

Polycarbonate sheets can last up to 10 years.

The shatterproof windows and lightweight eyeglass lenses are the most common things made up of Polycarbonate.

A Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that comes in a transparent sheet. It is a good option for manufacturing smartphones, laptops, and other electric items that may be sensitive to impact damage and other damages that the sheet could help prevent. This sheet may also be used to make CDs and DVDs.

Yes, Polycarbonate is a bit expensive because it is a very strong and resilient thermoplastic material.

Polycarbonate is cleaned gently using warm water with a few drops of liquid detergent and a microfiber cloth. Put sufficient water in the bucket so that you can rinse the cloth repeatedly. This averts any dirt and grit from scraping the Polycarbonate.

Also known as 'wood-plastic composites,' it is made of wood fiber, thermoplastics, and chemical additives. The chemicals are not visible in the composite content of the foam boards.

An interesting point to note is that WPC costs relatively more than other materials meant for similar applications. However, it is worth every penny because of the numerous benefits and increased helpfulness it offers. The cost is calculated according to the square feet demanded by a client.

WPC boards have an increasingly versatile surface and texture that can be painted according to the needs of customers without any difficulty. Moreover, it can also be engraved, milled, laminated, carved, and printed as required.

It can resist fire to a great extent keeping the users safe and secure. Using it in various applications around a fire is entirely free of risks, and the consumers can relax without worrying about possible accidents.

Yes, WPC is one of the most commonly used materials in kitchens due to their favorable characteristics. It is resistant to termites, moisture, and fire, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom use. WPC material is often noticed in kitchen cabinets and cutting boards.

The WPC products are popular for various interior designing applications, and they are considered safe. The composition, texture, and manufacturing process make WPC increasingly secure for multiple uses. It makes your investment worthwhile by resisting wear and tear and lasting for a long time.

It is one of the most commonly used building material used to provide insulation in various construction projects. The Aluminum composite panel is utilized across the world for lining external walls t to trap heat and make signboards.

It is manufactured using two thin and huge Aluminum sheets that are joined using plastic polyethylene. The three separate parts form a part that ends up looking like a sandwich.

It is made of aluminum composite panels that are completely flat and connected to plastic. The three layers are quite strong and heat-resistant, making it suitable for various applications.

We are based in China and a buyer can easily contact us by emailing us on the address provided on our website. You can also call us at ‘086-139-2150-2790’ to get a quote for the amount of Aluminum composite panels required. Everything a buyer might need to know is provided on the company’s website for convenience.

It is accurately cut to suit the unique requirements using an electrically powered saw with huge blades. One can also use jigsaws or fret saws to cut Aluminum composite panels according to the desired measurements. A guillotine can also be used depending on the thickness of the panels.

It is a material that is extremely lightweight while retaining its high-strength qualities. It offers good dimensional stability making it perfect for several indoor and outdoor usages. Moreover, it has an elegant and sleek appearance that is quite attractive.

A client receives their order within a matter of 15 business days once the order has been finalized. Customized orders might require a few more to produce and deliver, but the time-sensitive ones can be adjusted for earlier transport. Our shipments are not delayed because we believe in providing commendable service to retain customers.

We offer free sampling to our prestigious potential customers. However, shipping charges also apply according to the region where it has to be delivered.

Yes, the yard signs we supply are covered in a reflective coating that also makes them shiny and elegant. They are visible during the night to attract the attention of the people.

Our yards signs are readily available for use, but we also produce customized ones. Just mention the desired dimensions while finalizing the order, and we will deliver the yard sign without wasting any time.

Our company values every client’s hard-earned money and does not charge more to provide a full color design on any type of yard sign.

A client can order as much as they want, but the minimum quantity is restricted to 5000 pieces. This is to ensure that clients get enough yard signs to fulfill their purpose and there are wastages of products at our end.

Our company offers clients the option of submitting a rush order that is delivered within a short amount of time. It is vital to mention the exact date and day when you want your order to be delivered to prevent any delays.

It depends on the unique requirements of our clients. There are several sizes with equally varying thicknesses of custom yard signs available for purchase on our website. Contact us to get more details and get a quote today.

We’ll do you one better, what size do you prefer? We wish to help clients get the product of their choice at affordable rates. You can order any size of yard sign and we will deliver on our promises without any interruptions.

A client can design their sign on the internet while finalizing the order. However, it is vital to mention the dimension accurately to receive a perfect product. It is advisable to draw how you wish the yard sign to look like as it makes things easier for everyone.

All kinds of signs, including double-sided ones, are available for our clients on our website. Just identify what you want and wait for the order to get dispatched and delivered.

A question that seems reasonable because the clients are spending hard-earned money on our yard signs. However, we have not received such complaints so far. Our policy is to adjust the defected piece in the next order if such a thing happens.

It is a simple clean and polish plastic that has a 92% rate of light transmits which mean it is more clear and amazing looking then any standard glass making it a special choice for home décor companies to take full advantage of its features. It plays an important part in modern day life in advertising, signage, printing, furniture, decoration, and much more. The most important feature that makes it acrylic glass sheets special is that they can easily be transformed into different shapes and sizes because the materials it is made from is moldable in nature.

There are many uses for an acrylic glass, it is a modern-day replacement for standard glass, it can be used for both commercial purposes as well as household usage. For a modern-day house, it is a must-have material. It has a lot of amazing features to offer if you compared it to a glass and that’s why people these days are more concerned about buying acrylic sheets rather than a standard quality glass.

Our acrylic sheets can endure ten years or more with proper maintenance; if consumers avoid cleaning agents like ammonia, they can add additional years to the life cycle of our acrylic sheets.

Acrylic is more durable, lighter, won't break under the impact, is simpler to construct, and is easily formable. It is also more robust and more impact resistant.