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When you need top-quality Polycarbonate Sheets, turn to Wuxi Brilliant, your partner in plastics. We can assist you in getting what you need! Polycarbonate sheets are impact-resistant, clear sheets made with thermoplastic polymers. These transparent thermoplastic sheets have excellent dielectric properties, flame-retardance, and insulation characteristics. We are an authorized Polycarbonate Sheet Supplier with an impressive inventory available at economical rates. 

Polycarbonate Plastic is an incredibly adaptable material that can be used in countless applications and projects across numerous industries. Although Polycarbonate panels are most frequently used to manufacture precision machined parts, they can be used as a replacement for acrylic, glass, and polyethylene. Their characteristics and features are well-suited for numerous applications including automotive, agricultural, security, construction, medical, and electrical, to name a few. At Wuxi Brilliant, we proudly offer Polycarbonate Sheets in a wide variation of colors, grades, and sizes. Our panels are sure to meet your commercial and industrial application demands. whether you are looking for Polycarbonate sheeting for furniture making, signage, noise reduction, lighting, thermoforming, curtain-wall framing, or etc. we have the perfect solutions for you.

Applications of Polycarbonate sheet

The possibilities with Polycarbonate panels are limitless. These sheets are employed for a variety of reasons including:

Fabricating: shearing, die-cutting, routing, and drilling.

Finishing: solvent polishing, painting, screen printing, sanding.

Forming: cold bending, thermoforming, drape forming, strip heating.

Fastening: solvent bonding, welding, transfer tape bonding.

Other common Polycarbonate sheet applications include protective visors, swimming pool enclosures, countertops, office dividers, greenhouses, plant nurseries, eyeglass lenses, light bezels, etc and much more. 

Benefits of Polycarbonate panels

Nearly Unbreakable

Polycarbonate sheets might appear to be lightweight, however, despite its appearance, this material is extraordinarily strong. It is lighter than glass, yet still it is nearly impossible to break. Its strength allows it to be used in a variety of uses such as eyeglasses, bulletproof windows, soundproof rooms, impact-resistant windows of banks and drive-thrus etc. Polycarbonate sheets are very strong and have an impact resistance that is 200 times more than that of glass. This remarkable property makes the polycarbonate sheeting systems highly preferable and long-lasting as there is no worry about cracking or breakage.

Bullet Resistant

Places where security is a primary concern, Polycarbonate sheets are resistant to impact and any kind of damage. These sheets can be used in areas that are prone to bullets, stones, hail, rain, wind, storm and snow. Even in the worst case scenario, a polycarbonate sheet will not produce shards like glass. They are highly preferred in greenhouses, aquariums, railway stations, police and military gear, Riot shields, sports stadiums, carports and office buildings


Polycarbonate sheets are highly easy to work with in terms of the aspects of handling, transporting, drilling, cutting, and construction. Because of the durability strength, lightness and flexibility, polycarbonate sheets become extremely easy to carry, transport, and install. Its diverse properties makes it a preferred material for Agriculture, construction, and auto parts industry.

Aesthetic Appeal

Polycarbonate sheets come in a wide variety of colors and textures that can blend or contrast with the structure to add to the visual appeal. When used in the right way with suitable colors and designs, these sheets can enhance the aesthetic beauty of a structure. Adding panels that allow natural sunlight to pass through has been a pillar of modern architecture, hence polycarbonate sheet suppliers offer high-tech solutions to add to the appeal of a building. Polycarbonate sheets allows maximum sunlight while keeping out the harmful UV radiations

Lowered Costs

Polycarbonate sheets require little to no maintenance from the owner’s side, thus making them highly cost-friendly. The light weightiness of polycarbonate sheets makes it easier to handle, transport, install and carry. Therefore, the costs involved with the labor and transportation are highly cut down. This makes polycarbonates even more affordable even after purchase. They are heat and temperature resistant; once installed, it will take them years to be damaged, which saves you a lot of money in comparison with other materials.

Why Choose Wuxi Brilliant as your Polycarbonate sheet supplier?

Consequent to the endless possibilities, advantages, and economic benefits of polycarbonate sheet, choosing them for your application is the best decision you can make. And, you will get the best quality polycarbonate panels at Wuxi Brilliant, the most trusted and reliable name in the industry. Our current collection allows browse and choose between clear, transparent gray, and sign white. Whether you are looking for aesthetics or strength, polycarbonate sheets can save you time and money, while reducing the risk of injury during installation. With extensive experience in distributing excellent polycarbonate plastic sheets, we are confident in our ability to offer you the best. Let us know how we can help you turn your vision into reality!