• Aluminum composite panel
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum skin: 0.5mm~3mm Panel thickness: 4mm~50mm Width: 1220mm, max. 2200mm, Length: 2440mm, 3500mm, 5800mm Sizes: 1220x2440mm, 1500x3000mm, 2050x3050mm


Get Good Dimensional Stability With Our Aluminium Composite Panels 

Our three-layer aluminum panels are one of a kind and consist of two painted sheets bonded with polyethylene. Our product is made from one of the best quality materials, excellent for indoor and outdoor applications, providing a sleek and elegant look along with best dimensional stability for a brilliant performance. 

Eye Catching Designs and Frame

Our products come in multiple sizes and shapes along with custom colours patterns upon order. It provides an eye-catching design and comes in half the weight of the aluminum for both an attractive and practical look and feel. This product is perfect for commercial interiors and exteriors, fine art applications and framing. Our products are used for many applications such as geometrical Shape Framing, commercial buildings exterior Walls, Residential Interior wooden surfaces commercial Interior and Exterior Walls. We have a huge unit capacity of more than 5 Million per annum, so we obviously work with the finest quality materials and supply them around the world. Of course, we understand every requirement regarding our products as well. Many of the designs are exclusively produced to fulfil clients' needs and requirements.

Thermoplastic Base

Our premium quality aluminium panels come with an inner thermoplastic base core that is used to hold mineral charges. It is made through a continuous lamination process in which the core the sheet is extruded and compacted between two aluminium sheets. 


Dimensions: 1905x1092mm (L), 1435x1140mm (W) - Available in Aluminium Composite Panel Dimensions Welding Position Aluminum 2404X718 mm AISI 20016 x38 IJ grades 70 Po2, 75 Po1 Chemical Composition :1. Heat Treated 20016 aluminium alloy, 2. Epoxy Resin 3 Layer, Thickness 0.025mm Test: ASTM E90 Material.

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