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  • Acrylic Glass Sheet
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Acrylic Glass Sheet

Specifications: 1250x1850 = 4x6 feet = 48x72 inches;  1250x2450 = 4x8 feet = 48x96 inches; 1550x3050 = 5x10feet = 60x120 inches; 2050x3050 = 80x120 inch;   Thickness: 2mm~30mm; Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.


Premium Grade Acrylic Glass Sheets

They are one of the purest form of acrylic glass sheets that is readily available for sale. We have manufactured it using only the best quality raw materials and refined it using advanced processing machines to clear out all the impurities to get only the 99.9% pure acrylic glass. It is made to last long and is more durable than any other regular acrylic sheets because of its purity. These sheets are one of kind and only available on our platform. We are the only manufacturers that supply our products at a global scale with quality guaranteed.

Available in All Size and Shapes at Our Platform

Customers don’t have to worry about the sizes anymore we can manufacturer these sheets into any shape and size. Some of the most commonly asked sizes are 1250x1850 = 4x6 feet = 48x72 inches; 1250x2450 = 4x8 feet = 48x96 inches; 1550x3050 = 5x10feet = 60x120 inches; 2050x3050 = 80x120 inch but we can even manufacturer bigger and wider then that upon customer’s order. Our products are also available in all types of colours which our customers can easily choose from they are also available in glossy colours and different shades.

Robust Performance and Durability

Our high quality acrylic sheets will provide you with one of the best quality and performance that you can never forget. Their thicker size provides more durability than any 2 regular glasses combined. Their glazing material provides safety from getting your hands cut, unlike glasses where you can easily get your skin cut if you hold it firmly. This state-of-the-art technology is the next big thing and is designed and manufactured to replace glasses from both indoor and outdoor uses.

Architectural Applications

This is the product of the future in architectural applications it can be used to enhance architectural designs with various translucent and transparent home applications, and most importantly, it can give your home or office a decorative finish making it look professional. 

Is Acrylic Glass The Same As Plexiglass?

The answer is yes because the word plexiglass sheets is a colloquial way to refer to clear acrylic sheets making acrylic sheets and plexiglass the same thing.

How Good Is Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets (Acrylic Glass Sheets)?

Plexiglass acrylic sheets are very strong because they are made from a plastic material that has outstanding strength and stiffness and good optical quality.


Texture, surface, pattern: Abrasion Resistant (AR1, AR2), Non-Glare, Light Diffusion, P95, P99, Mirror 

Light diffusion: Blue 2050, Blue 2114, Red 2157, Red 2283, Red 2793, White 2406, White 2447, White 7328, Yellow 2037, Clear, Colorless, Translucent, White

Thickness: 2mm~30mm