• Acrylic guard shield
  • Acrylic guard shield

Acrylic Guard Shield

Size: 1220x2440mm 1220x1850mm 1550x3050mm 2050x3050mm Thickness: 2mm~30mm Color: transparent, or any other color, Custom sizes and colors are available upon request,   Material: 100% virgin material, Masking with film, or kraft paper, Packing with pallet, Delivery: 10 days upon receipt of payment, Application: sneeze guard shield, face shield, printing, sign board, light box etc.


Make your Business Safe and Sound

This product is specifically designed for people who work behind the counters in banks, hospitals, private offices, and casinos. Our acrylic guard shield is made from thick Plexiglas corners that are durable and sturdy. We have manufactured this product using only the best quality materials and hired some of the best engineers in order to get 99% pure acrylic glass. This guard shield is designed for various applications such as sneeze, cough protection while maintaining your distance from the customers on the other side of the counter.

Acrylic Guard Shield for Schools and Classroom

This is one of the best products for maintaining your six feet distance and letting your students learn in the best way possible by protecting them from airborne diseases.  

Protection For Retail Workers

In order to protect your retail employee's partition is necessary, and what better way to separate them by using our high-quality acrylic guard shield. Our product is perfect for point of sale whether you are working in a high-traffic convenience store or grocery store, portable sneeze guards are a must to have for protection these days.

Protection for Food Service Industry

Nowadays, the food industry is specially engaged in protecting against the spread of germs and other diseases in restaurants and kitchens by using acrylic guard shields.  


• Acrylic sheets are very easy to assemble and install

• Designed to suit the requirement of any point-of-sale countertop

• They are very easy to assemble on site.

• Withstand repeated cleanings

• Available in all standard sizes

Portable Counter Shield

Brilliant plastic offers Portable Counter Shield made from high-quality acrylic which is very simple to install/setup and easily be changed between shifts comes with wide triangular bases, lengths and sizes.


Material: plexiglass and acrylic, 

Color: transparent

Length: customize and standard

Application: customer service desks, take-out pick-up locations, bank counters