• Acrylic guard shield
  • Acrylic guard shield

Acrylic Guard Shield

Size: 1220x2440mm 1220x1850mm 1550x3050mm 2050x3050mm Thickness: 2mm~30mm Color: transparent, or any other color, Custom sizes and colors are available upon request,   Material: 100% virgin material, Masking with film, or kraft paper, Packing with pallet, Delivery: 10 days upon receipt of payment, Application: sneeze guard shield, face shield, printing, sign board, light box etc.


Acrylic Shield

Acrylic guard shield offers a protective barrier and great physical protection between people, making it ideal for social distancing. The Acrylic Shield are more frequently being used as a barrier for counters and desks. Very good for high-traffic areas such as bank counters, reception desks.


• Acrylic sheets are very easy to assemble and install

• Designed to suit the requirement of any point-of-sale countertop

• They are very easy to assemble on site.

• Withstand repeated cleanings

• Available in all standard sizes

Portable Counter Shield

Brilliant plastic offers Portable Counter Shield made from high-quality acrylic which is very simple to install/setup and easily be changed between shifts comes with wide triangular bases, lengths and sizes.


Material: plexiglass and acrylic, 

Color: transparent

Length: customize and standard

Application: customer service desks, take-out pick-up locations, bank counters