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Wuxi – A Trusted Plastic Acrylic Tubes Manufacturer

Wuxi brilliant offers a wide variety of acrylic tubing options for users. We deal in both extruded and cast acrylic tubes which are available in an assortment of sizes and colors. Need a custom size? We can help because being a huge contributor and a leading acrylic tube manufacturer in the industry we fulfill every consumer demand diligently. The types of acrylic tubes that we offer are clear small-bore tubes, clear acrylic tubes, and satin acrylic tubes. We also produce cast acrylic tubes, available in clear material. Our fantastic range of acrylic tubes includes both cast and extruded material. Our cast acrylic tube is better suited for machining and polishing while the extruded acrylic tube is ideal for applications where little processing is needed. It’s difficult to find a plastic acrylic rods supplier under a good budget so check out the product section to see the quality collection in best pricing.

Common Application & Features Of Acrylic Tubes/Rods

Being a leading acrylic tubes manufacturer in the global market, they used in various applications such as point of sale displays and home decor, whereas cast acrylic tube has vast application in food processing industries such as oil, gas and pipeline inspection, fabrication work, and precision engineering. They also highly used fluorescent glow light fitting usually seen in car parking and supermarkets. This type of acrylic is often used in aquariums, trophies, corporate giveaways, and other products that require shaping or machining. These features make our acrylic tube highly demanded in the market.


• These tubes are significantly stronger and chemical resistant that is why can be used in all lab applications.

• They are Lightweight and rigid at the same time.

• They are also UV stabilized and resistant to weathering.

• Offer great dimensional stability. 

• Acrylic tubes are more considered by plastic acrylic rods suppliers due to their impact resistance.

• They are more functional than glass.

• Can tolerate maximum temperature: 200°F.

• They also meet all FDA standards.

Our Product Is Available In Different Diameters 

Extruded Acrylic Tube

Our Clear extruded acrylic tubes rang is available in diameters that range from 250 to 800 in outer diameter. All tubes are clear and highly polished and clear made for higher quality standards processing materials. It isn’t easy to find both types of tubes at a single plastic acrylic rods supplier so, don’t waste time and explore our products.

Cast Acrylic Tube

Our cast acrylic tube range is available in diameters ranging from 1.250’’ to 27.625″ in outer diameter. The standard wall thickness varies 125, 187, 375, and 500 inches. Being a leading acrylic tube manufacturer our company also offers custom wall sizes upon request.