What is polycarbonate, and why is it so popular?

Polycarbonate is basically a thermoplastic polymer that contains carbonate groups in its chemical composition. It is a durable, versatile thermoplastic material that can be easily molded and thermoformed. It is a lightweight and strong material. It has many same qualities as construction-grade glass and plastic without getting fragile, stiff, and heavy. This material is used in many types of applications. This results in polycarbonate as one of the most extensively used engineered thermoplastics globally.

Features of polycarbonate sheets


Polycarbonate sheets can be shaped for any type of usage and application by not compromising their durability, in contrary to particular plastic types, which can snap with overuse and under pressure. This shows that polycarbonate sheets are appropriate for a comprehensive variety of applications which includes installing windows, roofing projects, and many more.

Lightweight material

Polycarbonate sheets are light in weight, which is understandable that they are easy to convey and carry and move straight from one vehicle to the job site. 

Impact resistance

Polycarbonate sheets, despite being extremely lightweight, are also tough and strong. It is much lighter in weight than glass, making it much easier to transfer from one place to another, but then again much stronger, making it difficult to break.

Polycarbonate sheet’s lightweight and impact resistance abilities make it an ideal material for eyewear and bulletproof windows for places with high-security risks like banks. 

Natural lighting and transparency

Polycarbonate is entirely transparent, similar to glass and plastic, which permits natural lighting to go through. This proves that polycarbonate is an excellent substitute for greenhouses and also skyscrapers where natural lighting is more required. 

Heat resistant

Polycarbonate possesses not only heat-resistant properties, but it can also be used in combination with other materials of flame-retardant while keeping its structural integrity and strength. Polycarbonate, with its heat-resistant property, makes it a perfect material for many construction projects and engineering that requires outdoor jobs in hot conditions with large types of machinery that might become overheated.


As discussed earlier, polycarbonate is highly durable and can endure all types of usage and applications. It is 250 times stronger and more rigid than plastic and glass, making it unbreakable on job sites. Since it has a high rating of impact resistance, polycarbonate is frequently used to save structures and protect their contents against harsh conditions of weather like rain, heavy winds, hail, and snow.

Following its many characteristics, Polycarbonate sheet companies are making sure to produce superior quality polycarbonate sheets and their suppliers worldwide.