What factors should people consider while buying polycarbonate sheets?

Polycarbonate sheets are developed for commercial purposes such as stadiums, carports, skywalks, roofing, greenhouses and residential purposes. Irrespective of people’s purpose behind purchasing polycarbonate sheets from a polycarbonate sheet brand, they must choose the most proper polycarbonate sheet to meet their needs. With a broad range of polycarbonate sheets available, people should be sure regarding the differences between them so they could make the appropriate choice. People must consider several elements when purchasing and selecting polycarbonate sheets. These encompass styles, insulation, color, and ultraviolet protection.

Considerations while selecting a polycarbonate sheet


Polycarbonate sheets are offered in various colors, ranging from bronze to transparent, white, and several more. The sheet’s color decides the transmission of light of the building to be established. The more excellent light enters a building the warmer it will be. Translucent polycarbonate sheets permit the most light to transmit, which is therefore considered excellent where maximum light is required. The rest of the colors cut down the transmission of lights to specific degrees- the darker is the color, the lower is the proportion of light transmission.

Ultraviolet protection

Manufacturers design polycarbonate sheet in a manner to defend the building against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Nevertheless, as and when the facility becomes old, the polycarbonate sheet might wither, consequently cutting down the protection. People need to find suppliers who equip their polycarbonate sheets with an additional safety coating against ultraviolet rays and weathering to add to the structure’s lifespan.


Suppose people reside in relatively older regions. In that case, they must select multiwall polycarbonate sheets as they have added to insulation that cuts down heating costs in winter and offers long-term savings. Furthermore, a higher insulation level would assure that the temperature would not rise exceptionally high during summers or fall too low throughout winters.

Polycarbonate styles

Single-layered polycarbonate sheet

This type of polycarbonate sheet provides the highest degree of light transmission and exceptionally little insulation. It offers clarity like glass while being more lightweight, durable and robust in weight. These polycarbonate sheets might not be sufficiently warm for utilization throughout the year inside greenhouses, but they could ideally work in cold frames.

Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet

Twin wall polycarbonate sheets offer more excellent protection and insulation from direct sunlight than single-walled polycarbonate sheets. The thicker the polycarbonate sheet, the greater is the insulation level, therefore proving to be more cost-efficient where extra heating is needed. Double coatings do diffusion of the entering light, leading to the even distribution of light and heat, which is exceptionally advantageous.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet offers the most excellent insulation level compared to twin-walled and single-layered polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are offered in up to half a dozen layers. These sheets need a huge initial investment, but help save winter heating costs in the long run.

Corrugated polycarbonate sheet

Corrugated polycarbonate sheet is robust and needs lesser support than other kinds of polycarbonate sheets. This cuts down the degree of framing needed, therefore cutting down installation expenses. These polycarbonate sheets add to the diffusion of light to evenly distribute light.