Everything you need to know about ACP

ACP is the abbreviation for Aluminum Composite Metal. It is basically a panel with aluminum sheets on both sides and a composite core in the centre, making it look like a sandwich, therefore also called a sandwich panel. The core is usually made of either polyethylene or polyurethane. The other material that is also used as the core is fire-resistant material. As polyethylene and polyurethane are not fire-resistant, so in areas where fire resistance is needed, the ACP sheet of the fire-resistant core material is used. The aluminum sheets are usually coated with PVDF. Other than this, some other things are also used to coat aluminum sheets like FEVE or polyester paint. However, designer aluminum composite panels also have other different sorts of coatings available. The common thickness options available to any aluminum composite panel exporter are usually 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. These are some standard thickness options offered by any supplier let it be a common panel or a designer one. You can find a diverse variety of colours, textures, designs, and patterns in aluminum composite panels.

Types of ACP Sheets

• Imperium ACP

• Cambria ACP

• Coral ACP

• HPL ACP Series

• Sand ACP Series

• Wood & Marble ACP

• Fire-rated ACP

Usages of ACP Sheets

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• It can be used for external cladding or facade of buildings because not only does it help to protect the exterior of the building from heat or dust, but it also gives a very high-class look at the lowest price.

• It can be used for signage purposes, both indoor or outdoor. All the signboards on the streets usually have ACP sheets, and many shop signboards also have ACP sheets.

• It can be used for decorative purposes in your house for doors, bathrooms, kitchen, cupboards, literally anything.

• It can be used to create a false ceiling in your house or any building.

• It can be used for wall panelling, both indoor and outdoor, making the wall look very bougie.

• It can be used for ducting.

• It can be used for wall partitioning.

• It can be used to create a sound barrier. 

Benefits of using ACP Sheets

ACP sheets are very strong but lightweight, making them very easy to use, and they provide significant strength to anything they are used on. It is so solid, which makes it unbreakable. It's perfect to use in any weather since it is climate resistant. It also doesn't get stained. It is not expensive compared to other cladding materials available in the market. It comes in fire-resistant core material too, which makes it perfect to use in almost any place. It is effortless to install. It has so many color and design options available for you. It is good to use in areas very earthquakes frequently happen because it remains unaffected by earthquakes. These are just some common benefits of using an ACP sheet; otherwise, it has infinite benefits without any exaggeration. For more blogs like this please Click Here