• WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board

WPC Foam Board

Size: 1220x2440mm, Thickness: 3mm~20mm, Standard colors: white, black, Custom size and colors are available upon request.  


WPC Foam Board

WPC stands for wood-plastic composite board. WPC Foam panel is the most optimal replacement for plywood, acrylic surface, MDF, and similar materials as it is highly durable, flexible, and appealing. This is one of the next-generation materials specially manufactured for use in the wood floor, roof flooring, kitchen cupboards, house doors, and wall decoration. It is designed to replace wood, plywood, medium-density fiberboards, and much more.

Manufactured According To The Advanced Industrial Standards 

Our premium quality WPC foam boards are crafted accurate in dimensions extremely sturdy and use only the finest quality polishes to get a perfect looking finish and feel to it. Our quality control team makes sure that we deliver only the best quality and defect-free products to our customers for their satisfaction.

Further Details 

Our product comes in the standard size of 3mm~20mm of surface thickness but it can be customized upon order from the customer. We have all types of colors available for our products especially the standard colors like white and black. It provides a glossy finish on its polished surface making it a perfect product for indoor and outdoor home decoration use. 

Next Level Features

WPC boards are economic and cause low carbon emissions than any wood or similar material. They come with high plasticity which simply means simple to create and can reflect one personalize style and taste. Thanks to its structure it can be customized in any color of the liking. Our product is highly durable and moisture-proof and water-resistant so it can be used in conditions where standard woods can not be applied. It can easily be sawed into pieces and can be joined together easily with the help of glue. 


1. WPC board is UV, toxins, and chemical resistant 

2. It is lightweight yet durable and strong 

3. It is resistant to corrosion 

4. It is waterproof and ecofriendly 

5. It is easy to drill, nail, cut, and saw

High-Quality and Durable WPC Foam Boards!

WPC foam board is one of the most versatile materials which can be actively used in the signboard, advertising, decoration, furniture, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, etc.


Size: 1220x2440mm

Thickness: 3mm~20mm

Standard colors: White, black, and more

Custom size and colors: Available upon request.

Pattern and surface: Smooth Surface, Plain Board/Sheet.