• WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board
  • WPC foam board

WPC Foam Board

Size: 1220x2440mm, Thickness: 3mm~20mm, Standard colors: white, black, Custom size and colors are available upon request.  


WPC Foam Board

WPC stands for wood-plastic composite board. WPC Foam panel is the most optimal replacement for plywood, acrylic surface, MDF, and similar materials as it is highly durable, flexible, and appealing. 


1. WPC board is UV, toxins, and chemical resistant 

2. It is lightweight yet durable and strong 

3. It is resistant to corrosion 

4. It is waterproof and ecofriendly 

5. It is easy to drill, nail, cut, and saw

High-quality and durable WPC foam boards!

WPC foam board is one of the most versatile materials which can be actively used in the signboard, advertising, decoration, furniture, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, etc.


Size: 1220x2440mm

Thickness: 3mm~20mm

Standard colors: White, black, and more

Custom size and colors: Available upon request.

Pattern and surface: Smooth Surface, Plain Board/Sheet.