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Acrylic Tube

Specification: Dia 4.5mm~400mm, Length: 2 meters, or any length upon request,    Application: lighting, decoration, furniture, advertising, crafts etc.


Acrylic Tube

Clear Acrylic tube provides total clarity like glass; that is why it is preferred over the glass for fittings and different home décor purposes. The acrylic tube is strong and with light passage capacity, making the item look big and more attractive than its traditional alternatives.


• Acrylic tubes are available in different style variations for giving the design and décor unique multiple looks.

• They are resizable and customizable as per choice and suit for various needs

• Acrylic tubes are available in various thickness

• They are not prone to temperature and humidity variations 

• Stronger in contrast with glass, and does not break easily

• Unlike glass acrylic tubes can be drilled

• Acrylic tube referred to as plastic tube which is 10 times stronger than glass although it’s just half the weight

Transparent And Colorful Acrylic Tub

Brilliant plastic provides high-quality ultra- versatile acrylic tubes designed to serve various home décor needs like light fittings, bars, racks, display cabinets, signage, etc. You can buy it and use it as you like.


Material: plexiglass tube and acrylic 

Color: clear and multiple color 

Diameter:  Availability of 1/4 inches and the highest diameter will be 6 inches.

Application: home décor, LED lighting bar, display cabinets, and signage

Length:  Delivered on custom preferences