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Specialize Polypropylene Sheet Supplier In The Industry - WUXI 

Wuxi Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd is a recognized name for producing high-quality Polypropylene plastic sheet manufacturer of China. Our company has organized a set of systems to provide premium quality PP corrugated plastic sheet products at affordable rates. Production of polypropylene is usually done by slurry, solution, or gas phase process. The propylene is exposed to heat and pressure in the presence of a catalyst system. Our systems and end product play an important role in making us the best polypropylene sheet supplier in the industry. Our polypropylene plastic sheet is a low-toxin, heat-tolerant material used in a large array of applications related to human consumption, including straws, medical devices, bottles, and even yogurt containers, etc.

Our Polypropylene Sheet Is Highly Adaptable 

This polymer's versatility makes it adaptable to our wide range of fabrication methods that have sustained growth rates, enabling PP to be used with alternative materials and in many applications. Not only this the polypropylene plastic is a solid material that can effectively retain its strength across a variety of different applications. The best part of being a Polypropylene Sheet supplier is that every coming challenge rewards us with new experiences and provides us room to excel in the fast-growing Polypropylene industry. 

Properties Of Polypropylene Sheets

1. Our manufactured polypropylene plastic sheets product offers excellent electrical and chemical resistance at higher temperatures. 

2. The best attributes include a lower density, higher softening point, and melt around 100oC, offering higher rigidity and hardness. 

3. We also use additives polypropylene resins that protect the polymer during the enhancement of end-use performance. 

Characteristic Of Our Polypropylene Sheet

• Semi-rigid

• Translucent texture

• Good chemical resistance

• Toughness 

• Good fatigue resistance

• Integral hinge attribute

• Good heat resistance

Why Choose Us?

Wuxi brilliant holds high standards of responsibility and accountability in the production of good quality Polypropylene sheets and rolls. We have developed specific structures for our company, adhere to the processes that outcomes safe sheets. Being a renowned polypropylene sheet supplier, we provide high-quality sheets without sacrificing quality and customer service.