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WUXI- A Progressive PET Plastic Rolls Manufacturer In China 

Looking for the best quality wholesale pet plastic sheet at affordable rates? Wuxi Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd is a highly progressive pet plastic rolls manufacturer producing quality pet plastic rolls to fulfill the market demand. Our product is known as the china pet rolls by international consumers. Our pet plastic roll is highly demanded in China and many international countries, making us a recognized pet plastic sheet supplier globally. Our pet plastic rolls are designed for various packaging applications. We have never compromise on the quality of our pet plastic rolls; that is why our international customers trust our product and invest in huge consignments.

Key Properties Of Our Manufactured PET Plastic Sheet Rolls

Our pet plastic rolls are robust, transparent, and versatile, and Up to 100% of a PET package is made from recycled PET material, as this can be recycled repeatedly. Our customers choose it because it's economical, safe, lightweight, and resealable. We are a pet plastic rolls manufacturer known for quality, rapid response, optimal stock, and custom options that ensure timely delivery every time. Here are the major attributes of our product.

• Our pet plastic rolls has high strength and stiffness 

• The plastic we use in our product is approved safe to contact with foods and beverages by the FDA and other health agencies.

• Our PET plastic rolls can easily be used for transparent applications.

• They are 100 % recyclable and transparent, and they even can withstand microwave radiation.

• They are very rigid, and lightweight thus provides durable support.

• Available with Silicone, Anti-Fog, and Anti-Static Coatings

• Consumer can also find Clear, Tints, & Opaque Colors

• Ultraviolet Absorber Available

• Good Impact Strength & High Gloss

Proud PET Plastic Sheet Supplier With Less Carbon Footprint

As a leading pet plastic rolls manufacturer, we are reducing our carbon footprint by recycling our pet plastic by washing and re-melting or chemically breaking it down to its component materials to make new PET resins for making rolls. Being a pet plastic sheet supplier, we can see a massive shift in the plastic industry and inclination towards pet plastic application. That is why from DIY to industrial applications, our pet plastic rolls are quickly becoming the preferred choice of professionals. We are also offering a wide range of clear plastic sheets in different sizes and thicknesses so that you can find the best solution for your upcoming project. Our product is safe from bisphenol-A (BPA) or phthalates (plasticizers) and can be used for materials such as foods and beverages. And unlike glass, PET is extremely lightweight, easy and efficient to transport, and shatterproof.